F: When is  the campingground officially opened?
A: The official season start is from April 1st until October 15th. However the camping for permanent camper is also possible in the winter season.

F: Is longterm-camping still available?
A: Sadly all the longterm spaces are taken. But a waiting list already exist.

F: When can I arrive?
A: Official arrival time is at 15:00 p.m. If you would like to check in earlier or after 20:00 p.m. when the reception desk is already closed, then please contact us.

F: When do I have to check out?
A: The check out / Your departure has to be not later than 11.00 a.m.

F: How are the prices for 2018?
A: Please have a look to our price list. (link einfügen mit click here)

F: How do the electricity costs work?
A: You will be charged on a daily flatrate.

F: Is the use of the shower and waste disposal fee-based?
A: Not directly, you will be charged by a daily flatrate per person.

F: Is it possible to park my car on the camping ground?
A: Only long-term visitors can park their cars on the camping ground. Our tent and „one-day“ guests can park their cars outside of the camping ground for 5 Euros a day.

F: Is there free WIFI on the camping ground?
A: Yes, for all our guests.

F: Is it possible to do my own laundry?
A: Yes, it is possible. There are two washing machines and two dryers which can be used for 2,50 Euro per washing.

F: Is it possible to get a camping space/pitch without a reservation?
A: It is possible but we would recommend to call us before, especially in the summer-season.

F: Is there a shopping possibility on the campground?
A: Yes, there is a small store which sells things you commonly forget, including snacks and drinks.

F: Are my children allowed to sleep on the campground alone?
A: Underaged children must be accompanied by an adult person.

F: Is it possible to get gas tanks on the campground?
A: You can get 2,8 kg, 11 kg, and 31,7 kg gas tanks.

F: How far is it from the campground to the lake?
A: The maximum distance you could possibly be away from the lake is 100m.

F: Are there any restaurants and bars?
A: Only a 5 minutes walk from the campground is the restaurant „Alte Villa“ or „Pavillion am See“.

F: Are there any free-time activities in the surrounding area?
A: Here are some interesting activities and places listed.

F: Is it possible to go swimming in the lake?
A: Directly next to the camping ground is a free entrance to the lake, the sunbathing area next to it is also for free. You can also go to the „Uttinger Strandbad“ with the 10 m diving platform which is only a 5 minutes walk, but there you have to pay an entrance fee.

F: How many amperes do the sockets have?
A: They support around 16 ampere.

F: If I didn’t book any powerconnection can I still charge my phone etc.?
A: You can give us your devices at the reception and we can charge them for you for a fee.

F: Are dogs allowed on the campground?
A: Yes, dogs are allowed and welcome guests, but on the campground they have to be on a leash.